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The Design Collective, your premier full-service interior design division dedicated to crafting exceptional commercial, corporate, hospitality, and residential spaces. Our expertise spans across all aspects of design, from creative to technical services, ensuring a comprehensive approach that guarantees project success.

Our passionate and talented team is committed to working in creative collaboration with you, investing time to understand your vision and goals from the outset. With a proven track record of excellence, rest assured that we have the experience and know-how to bring your aspirations to life.


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In the dynamic world of Vancouver interior design, passion fuels the talented designers behind the magic. With innate creativity and unwavering commitment, they transform ordinary spaces into captivating havens, artfully reflecting their clients' unique personalities and aspirations. Each stroke of their design brush infuses life into the environment, leaving behind a distinctive mark of their love for the art of shaping spaces that inspire productivity, creativity, and success. Their dedication to crafting exceptional interiors showcases the true essence of Vancouver's style and charm, making them invaluable contributors to the city's vibrant design landscape.


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Consultation & Concept Development

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Drawing & Specification Development

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Project Finalization

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Procurement & Installation


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